How are we different?

First, I listen.

I’ve been working as a web designer and developer for over 15 years. I’ve worked as a freelancer, in agencies, and as a manager. All of those experiences have shown me how important it is to start any project by asking a lot of questions, and really listening to the answers. I take the complexity out of web development for my clients. I can help simplify the process and make sure you understand what you’re doing and why. The process of building a website can be complicated, but it doesn’t need to feel complicated or confusing. Before I start any project, I want to be sure I understand your business goals and priorities. And I want to be sure we both believe I can add value to your project.

Second, I can scale a team to meet your needs

I’m not the right solution for every project. But if it looks like I could be, I can provide a lot of the services you might need on my own. And if the project calls for a larger team, I can put together a virtual team from partnerships I have to meet the requirements and size of most efforts. Regardless, you will know who is working on your project and what the deliverables are before any work begins.

Finally, you don’t have to have me do the work if you have your own resources

I don’t do the production or creative work on every project. Some people just want help planning a project, search optimization, or marketing campaign. If you have the hands on resources and are just looking for some extra expertise, I can provide an assessment or marketing strategy for you to follow. Or I can just help you plan out a project. I have specific expertise with the following:

  • Website Assessments – I’ll review your site and provide you with a document that identifies any areas of opportunity that I find in the areas of search engine optimization, paid search opportunities, ways to convert more leads through your website, improving the user experience, content strategy.
  • Technology Consultation – I have worked with and implemented content management systems for organizations ranging from mid-size companies up through enterprise level. I specialize in helping organizations use open source solutions like Drupal and WordPress to improve workflow, manage customers and documents, simplify the maintenance of content, and create fast, scalable solutions that save significant amounts of money.
  • Marketing Solutions – I have worked for several large healthcare and retail organizations and I have real world experience developing online marketing efforts that generate leads and drive customer engagement. I can also help you integrate traditional offline marketing efforts with your online efforts to help you gain efficiencies while you track and measure results.
  • Analytics – I can help you integrate testing to determine the most optimal designs, forms, content and more. I can also help you use a variety of user testing and website testing tools to see first hand how your visitors are responding to your efforts. And I can help you use Google Analytics to evaluate who is using your site and how to better leverage their visits.

If you think I can help, let me know what you’re looking for by filling out the contact form. I’ll follow up with you right away.